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RV ToDo List Overview

The RV ToDo list is used to track task that need to be done to your RV. This will make it easer to keep track of what needs to be done as well as what has been done and when.

Enter tasks and the date you want to do these task and the system will remind you when to do them.

Each task is made up of several parts. When showing the ToDo list you can choose to show task that are already done or just the tasks that need to be done. So by checking off a task it is marked as Done. The Priority field can be 1-9, this determines where on the list this task falls. If several task have the same due date the task with a 1 priority will be listed before task with a 2 priority. The ToDo field will describe what need to be done. The Due Date field is the date the task need to be done. This field can be left blank if the date is not known at this time. Task without a due date are listed at the bottom of the ToDo list. The Group field allows you to group your task. You may use CHASSIS, ENGINE, COACH or a number of miles. This allows you to enter CHASSIS in the box at the bottom of the list and only show tasks that are for the CHASSIS. The Recurring field allows a task to appear on the list with a new date when you check off that the current task is done. The Notes field allows you to keep notes on any task. You may want to keep part numbers, amounts of repair, phone numbers or web site address.

The list is always sorted by date and priority within the date. So if you change the date on a task it will move on the list when you click the Submit button.

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